The very nature of custom homebuilding implies specialized craftsmanship and an orientation to detail. The right techniques and materials can give your home the very look you have always envisioned. VHD specializes in custom carpentry techniques and works closely with materials suppliers and design consultants to attain the highest level of authenticity and beauty, all while working within the scope of your budget. Our team has a wealth of experience in turning the vision of your home, both inside and out, into reality. 

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The process of building a custom home involves the creativity, dedication, and financial commitment of many individuals, most importantly the homeowner. At Virginia Home Design, our goal is to provide you, the homeowner, with a custom home that will give you long years of enjoyment and value. Our team will work closely with you from design conception to post-construction quality assurance, building personality, and peace of mind into each home we undertake. We employ in-house framing and finish crews to give your project the unique, custom attention it deserves. From materials selection to specialized carpentry techniques, our award-winning expertise in fine, custom homebuilding will result in the beautiful and aesthetically functional home of your dreams.






Pre-construction planning and conceptual design are two of the most important aspects of a custom home. We take pride in our vast experience and involvement in the design process. Virginia Home Design will work hand-in-hand with you  to ensure that every feature of your home is addressed and receives due consideration, thereby reducing the complexity, confusion, and financial burden that can often result from a poorly planned project. Your ideas and dreams are key to this process. We will make every effort to incorporate all desired features into the resulting structure. 24/7, we are always available to address these needs.