Building a new construction in Virginia with Virginia Home Design

Congratulations on your new chapter of life! Building a home or expanding your old one is a big change. We think it’s an exciting change. However, trying to figure out which Virginia home builders to choose might be hard for you. But we are happy that you are considering Virginia Home Design as your contractor!

We are new home builders VA who appreciate our clients. We listen to their needs and work closely to satisfy them. Customers trust us with their dream home or annex constructions. We cannot disappoint them! That’s why the Virginia Home Design team includes only professional, highly motivated, and precise specialists. We are a reliable and legitimate business that aims to build superior class new construction in Virginia.

Our company provides a variety of services. We can build a new house and fully equip it. However, we work with smaller construction projects too. 

Expand your home with Virginia home builders

Buying a new and more spacious house can be expansive. Besides, you might like living here. You love your neighbors, children love their friends and you generally enjoy your living area. Finding large and suitable construction in Virginia might be challenging. So, instead of spending lots of time searching for a new house, expand your old one!

Virginia Home Design offers professional construction services. Our licensed and registered builders can upgrade and expand your house. We can build your desired house annex. We work with architects and experienced builders. So, we can assure the highest quality of our services.

New Construction Portfolio