5 smart ideas for bathroom remodeling in Virginia

5 smart ideas for bathroom remodeling in Virginia

When our lives change, we usually renovate our homes: kitchen, living room, children’s room, and bathroom. Let’s stop here, in the bathroom. It’s a very important place. Here we can relax after a long day. It should be cozy, convenient, and aesthetic. But after years the bathroom magic might fade away and as soon as you step in, you notice defects. So, relaxation is impossible. It’s a clear sign that you need bathroom remodeling in Virginia. Are you ready? We have 5 smart ideas on how you can improve your bathroom to spark it’s magic again.

1. Save up space and water with hidden-tank toilets

Hidden-tank toilets are amazing in small bathrooms. They do not take so much space as traditional toilets because their water storage vessel is mounted inside the wall. Some of these toilet models can also help to save water. Think green and be economic!

However, there’s a downside of hidden-tank toilets. The maintenance might be difficult especially if something is wrong with the inner workings.

2. Choose safe flooring

The bathroom is humid, wet, and often slippery. So, for your bathroom remodeling in Virginia, you should consider using slip resistant tiles. They come in various shapes and forms, so you will find something good for your upcoming bathroom remodeling in Virginia.

If you have a shower, you should consider choosing small and textured tiles. They give an extra grout. So, they reduce the risk of slipping painfully on the ground. Besides, most of them are easy to clean and have mold-resistant features. 

3. Do you really need a bathtub?

Please be honest with yourself. Do you really use the bathtub or prefer taking showers? Right, you might want to sell the house in the future. You may think that having just a shower might decrease the price or cause difficulties to sell the house. But it’s not quite true. A shower is a more economic and green solution. It helps to save water and reduce water bills. Keep in mind that if you prefer a shower, there are people who are just like you.

4. Make a place for a window

If it’s possible, add a window to your bathroom during your bathroom remodeling in Virginia. It’s a huge project, but it’s worth it. Natural ventilation is the best way to keep your bathroom clean and avoid mold. Of course, high-quality bathroom fans can protect your home but there’s nothing better than fresh air.

5. Improve the lighting

Bathrooms rarely have good daylight. Often the lighting here is not good too. Sometimes it’s too bright and you cannot feel the relaxing atmosphere. Sometimes it’s too dark and you cannot do your makeup in the morning. You should consider installing a dimmer switch for the main lights and recessed fixtures around the mirror.

What else should you consider for bathroom remodeling in Virginia?

Everyone has different needs and expectations for their bathroom. New families might need to make a bathroom more suitable for children. Elders might need handrails and seats. And all old bathrooms might need a major renovation, starting from plumbing and finishing with modern accessories.

Bathroom renovation is an important and quite expensive project that requires lots of planning and counting. It’s hard to do bathroom remodeling in Virginia by yourself. That’s why you should find a reliable contractor.

How to choose a reliable contractor?

You should trust people who will come and spend hours in your home. Before making an agreement with a contractor who offered the best price, you should check their license, certificates, client feedback, and reviews online. Make sure that you are hiring professionals who will listen to your needs and make your vision come true.

Virginia Home Design can help with your bathroom remodeling in Virginia

Our professional team would be honored to do your bathroom remodeling in Virginia. We have years of experience in the industry with small and big renovation projects. Check our portfolio and give us a call! We can’t wait to create another beautiful bathroom!

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