How to choose a Virginia bathroom remodeling service provider?

How to choose a Virginia bathroom remodeling service provider?

One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing a bathroom remodeling service provider is a lack of research. Many people make a decision based on the information on the contractor’s website and price. People love to save money and often decide to choose a service provider that offers the lowest price. However, a low price might be the indicator that something is wrong with a contractor or the quality of its work. You should not be blinded by the price.

You should take some time for the research and choose the best fit for you. Google or Bing should be your friend when looking for bathroom remodeling in Virginia or any other part of the States. Review contractor’s websites, check what services they provide, and how they represent themselves. Once you find the three service providers, you should dig deeper.

Check customer reviews for bathroom remodeling in Virginia

Some companies share customer reviews directly on their website. While some of these reviews are true, others might be fake. That’s why you should check reviews on other platforms and websites. There former clients share true and sincere reviews that might be both positive and negative. Here are a few places where you can check them.

Google reviews are a good place to start

When you googled for bathroom remodeling in Virginia, you have probably seen a box in the top right corner of Google Search. There’s a great place to read raw client reviews.

Yelp reviews show sincere opinions

We love Yelp, don’t we? We review everything and everyone! Therefore, you should find a page for your considered contractor’s service review. Spend some time reading attentively. What do people tell? What was their experience? Would they recommend these services for their friends? If you say “yes” to each question, probably you found the right contractors.

Social media accounts should be checked too when choosing bathroom remodeling in Virginia 

Check Facebook reviews. It’s a good place to see who wrote a review and make sure that they are real people. Unfortunately, sometimes marketers create fake accounts and write fake reviews to create an image of a professional company to build trust with prospective clients.

Additionally, you should check the company’s Instagram, Twitter, or Linkedin accounts. Are they active there? Check hashtags too. Perhaps, you find some negative opinions that cannot be seen in the main company account.

Get estimates in writing

After the online research, you should contact bath remodeling contractors. Tell them your story and what services you need. Ask them various questions and analyze how they answer. Are they polite? Are they annoyed by your questions? Good and pleasant communication is key to making a decision. No one wants to do business with people who are not willing to talk.

However, if your chosen bathroom remodeling service provider is thrilled to work with you, you should ask for the estimate in writing. Numbers might be forgotten, misinterpreted, or misheard. So, it’s better to have everything written down. Written estimates help to avoid unpleasant surprises in the final bill.

You should ask for an estimate from all candidates. When you get estimates, you will be able to compare prices. Besides, you might be able to negotiate with your chosen contractor for the final costs.

Verify licenses, credentials and do necessary paperwork

When you find the right contractor, you get all excited. You cannot wait to start bathroom renovation. We understand that. However, you should double-check the information of the company. Do they have all the necessary licenses? Do they provide all credentials? Are they real? Check the details online and make sure that you are signing a contract with a legitimate company.

But before putting your signature on a bunch of papers, you should read them carefully. You might end up in unpleasant situations after signing papers without reading them. No matter how polite and friendly contractors can be, smiles might be just masks. Protect yourself!

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